Maximising Talent & Earnings

Our premium service gives clients the very best chance of achieving their full potential on and off the field, enabling them to maximise their financial returns. We manage and advise on all areas that impact upon a playing and/or coaching career. Unlike many generic agencies, we offer a genuine in house service allowing our clients to enjoy the benefits that our vast network provide.

Goal Planning

At BSMI we firmly believe that Champions in every area of life are consistent goal setters and planners. Achieving significant goals in sport, particularly at an elite level, involves more than just the process of setting them. Achieving major goals is a personal management process involving setting a goal, breaking it down into smaller sub-goals, determining a viable action plan, implementing this plan, evaluating progress, adjusting the plan, celebrating achievement, and finally choosing a new goal. Along with our Athlete mentors, we provide our expertise in this area, assisting clients on their professional journey’s, setting targets and achieving goals year in year out.

PR & Sponsorship

Athletes are brands, each with a broad group of stakeholders. Commercialising one’s brand involves determining the most appropriate partners, products and communications strategy. BSMI has decades of experience in managing rugby and non-rugby global brands and dealing with sponsors. We provide guidance and expertise, assisting our international clients in the formation, development and management of their brands.

Media & Social Media Training

The globalisation of rugby and the media coverage that has grown with the game has resulted in today’s professionals being constantly under the microscope. 24 hour media coverage and a multitude of social media platforms have brought athletes and fans closer than ever before. The emergence of a variety of social media platforms in particular has created fresh opportunities for elite athletes to raise their profiles and engage with fans and brands alike. If used correctly these platforms can see athletes maximise their off field potential, these same platforms have raised new issues and challenges which athletes must face on a daily basis. Through introduction to our partners, we are able to offer our clients media and social media training, giving them the opportunity to understand how best to develop their personal brands and avoid the pitfalls.

Post-Career Planning

Retirement can be extremely difficult to cope with if elite athletes are not adequately prepared and have not planned for such an event. This lack of preparation can leave athletes vulnerable to the challenges of retirement. BSMI offer advice and guidance on post-career planning, allowing elite rugby players to make sense of the opportunities, barriers and needs for career development, planning and education to prepare athletes, young and old, for a life after rugby.