Contract Sourcing

The primary function of BSMI is to source and negotiate playing and coaching contracts on behalf of our clients. Our intimate knowledge of the global game is unrivalled. We have a proven track record and work closely with our global offices to provide opportunities worldwide. The vast array of contacts we have at our disposal combined with the global market reach we enjoy provide us with the ideal platform from which to deliver opportunities for our clients. This unique reach allows us to directly source opportunities for our clients at clubs and national bodies across the globe. We take a “no stone” unturned approach when sourcing opportunities, utilising the strength of our network in order to guarantee our clients are never short of options.

Market Value & Contract Negotiation

Our in-depth ‘local market’ knowledge allows us to negotiate from a position of strength with no guesswork required as we set about maximising returns for our clients. The collective experience the BSMI team have gained from negotiating lucrative contracts across a variety of sports on a global scale ensures we maximise our clients earning potential.

Relocation & Transition Management

Transitioning to a new club usually results in a player or coach having to move to a different state or in some cases an altogether different country. Moving one’s life interstate and/or overseas can be a daunting task. Vast changes confront can confront you everywhere. You may have to contend with; new coaching staff and teammates, living arrangements, expectations and a change of routine all at the same time as being away from family and friends. BSMI is committed to easing the strain that all of these changes can present so that our clients can focus on their athletic performance. The BSMI team is available 24 hours a day to assist our clients throughout this transition phase and beyond.

Working closely with the clubs, national bodies and the visa experts we have out our disposal, we provide advice and insight into employment and visa eligibility for all rugby personnel and their families.